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<header name="Headland Lookout" id="1" intro="An undeveloped crag in Castle Cove, beneath 43 and 49 Headland Rd. This is the north facing snippet of orange tinged rock clearly visible to the south, west of the water, when driving across the Roseville bridge. " acknowledgement="Will Monks" access="Between number 43 and 49 Headland Rd there is a little reserve with a green electricity box. Park here. Wander 20m over to the fence, the crag is directly below. Now it gets interesting. Hop the fence, drop down a few metres and walk left (west) for about 50 metres beneath No. 43 until a scrubby gully appears. Body slam your way through the lantana all the way down to make a path. Smash your way back right (east) along the base of the crag. It takes about 20 minutes to go less than 50m!! For anyone wishing to put in the effort of clearing the &quot;path&quot; properly (BYO hedge shears etc - lantana is just a weed after all!), access would become very simple, and then this crag would probably be quite rewarding. While the crag is only about 40m wide, and a bit multi-tiered making most lines only about 8-10m, there are some intriguing little candidates here." rock="Undeveloped crag" sun="Crag faces north"/>
<climb id="3" name="Legged Snake" length="8m" grade="24?" extra="Þ" fa="Open project courtesy Will Monks">The obvious sculptured arete towards the right hand end of the crag. 1 BR, 2 FHs to chain lower off.</climb>