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h2. Pebble pulling in Sydney


This climbing guide primarily covers established climbs in the Sydney region, however we have included popular boulder problems at the crags, plus details on various bouldering-only venues. This is simply because they are interesting to climbers and aren't recorded anywhere else. If you are familiar with an area, please submit what you know and share it with others.

If you're into bouldering, then you should get yourself a copy of Peter Balint's excellent guide to Sydney bouldering. Follow the link below.

Also check out which although isn't been updated any more, still has some useful information.

Apparently Dave Pearson is working on a new bouldering guide to Sydney, in the same format as the Grampians Bouldering Guide. Woohoo!

h2. Guidebooks

* Peter Balint's [Sydney Bouldering Guide|]
* [A Boulderers Guide To Lindfield Rocks|]