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<text id="3" class="heading1">Sutherland Shire</text><text id="4" class="indentedHeader">Welcome to The Shire, the "birthplace of modern Australia". This apparently refers to Captain Cook's invasion fleet first landing at Kurnell way back in 1770. The local Dharawal tribe weren't too happy with the intruders and formed an angry seething mob of flag-waving yobbos. Cook and his buddies retreated and headed further up the coast to Port Jackson where they founded Sydney town on Darug land instead.

The Shire is home to some of Sydney's best crags, many of which have been recently rejuvenated with modern technology and now provide safe, fun cranking. You can't go wrong with mini crags like Bonnet Bay with super easy access and great bullet-hard rock. Don't miss the pump fest of Blue Bell that caters for both the strong and the aspiring. Everyone's favourite, Bangor, is popular with folks looking for moderate grades. And then there is the infamous Cathedral, which is an extensive crag with unusual gritty rock that offers unique climbing; from juggy roofing steepness, to cracks of all sizes and slabs to slip on up, there is something for everyone.

But it's not all over once you've worked your way through the big four. A number of smaller crags can make a great day out, and there is plenty of bouldering at the crags too.
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