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<text id="2" class="heading1">Colo River</text>
<text id="1" class="intro">The Colo River starts deep within the Wollemi wilderness and flows east to eventually join the Hawkesbury River. Along its journey it carves an impressive and pretty gorge with numerous tantalising sandstone outcrops. The upper reaches are true wilderness and offers remote walking and canoeing/liloing/pack rafting. The lower reaches have been settled and a road winds its way along the valley floor servicing the farms. There has been little recorded climbing and this has all been on the crags overlooking the Upper Colo Road and Colo Heights Road. Parts of the Upper Colo Rd are now sealed and climbing on them is probably not recommended. Mandalay is located on a quieter section of the road below the Putty Rd bridge and Funnel Web Gulch is located on the less busy Colo Heights unsealed road. There are many interesting outcrops in the bush behind the farms; access will involve determining if the crag is on private property or crown land/national parks, and determining how to access them either by requesting permission to cross farm land or consulting a land boundaries map for a right-of-way. The rock quality looks fairly similar to the other Lower Blue Mountains crags, but you never know what you might find - there is certainly a lot of undeveloped rock to get excited about. Note there is little or no mobile reception out here so you might have to consult an old fashioned map to find these established crags!