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<text id="7" class="heading1">Western Suburbs</text><text id="6" class="indentedHeader">There aren't any established climbing areas in the west before you hit the Lower Blue Mountains, but if you live out this way (sorry) some of these urban bouldering venues may amuse you.</text><text id="2" class="indentedHeader">Sydney Aquatic Centre:
A nice looking bluestone retaining wall located opposite the Sydney Aquatic Centre on Olympic Blvde (within the Homebush Bay Olympic Site). The wall is about 150m long and reaches about 4m in height, with a good flat grassy landing. The entrance to the Aquatic Centre has walls made of the same material and is a lot higher, but I doubt you'd get away with bouldering there.</text><text id="3" class="indentedHeader">Northmead Quarry:
One of the earliest bouldering crags in Sydney, Northmead Quarry seems to have faded into obscurity over the course of the 1990s. Despite this, it offers a wide selection of good, generally hard problems, with excellent flat, grassy landings (although be careful of broken glass). The crag is located in Charles Herbert Reserve, on the eastern side of Whitehaven Rd in Northmead. The crag is covered in detail in the 2001 Sydney Bouldering Guide.</text><text id="4" class="indentedHeader">Spider Wall:
A bouldering area located in the upper reaches of Hunt's Creek, in the Lake Parramatta Reserve. The crag is probably located just near William Place in North Rocks, although it may be easier to access the reserve from North Rocks Rd near The Carriageway.</text><text id="5" class="indentedHeader">Old Ryde Railway Bridge:
A series of old sandstone block walls located under the old railway bridge in Rhodes (north of the railway station but south of the harbour). The blocks in the middle of the wall tend to be quite sandy, but get better towards the southern end. Access is a snap - you can park right under the bridge. One toprope problem has been done, starting on the left side of the wall and climbing out to the edge then back towards the centre.</text><text id="8" class="indentedHeader">Seven Hills T-way:
Sydney's version of Indian Creek, splitter crack after splitter crack and most lines still awaiting a first ascent. A crag for the traditional climber with no bolts or any fixed gear allowed (probably by law). Sydney's newest crag only built in 2009 and not discovered by climbers until 2011. The 'rock' is conglomerate like with basalt aggregate held in a matrix of a limestone/clay mixture; the result is an ultra-strong crag (50 MPa to be precise). Close to public transport (6 feet to be honest) and with sweeping views of Old Windsor Rd the crag has a convenience and ambience unlike other Sydney crags.

Located on the Old Windsor Rd T-way between Seven Hills Rd and Abbott Rd in Seven Hills. Catch the bus, ride your bike, or if you've driven there, park in Hungry Jacks on Abbott Rd. Cross Abbott Rd and head East to pick up the T-way at the junction of Old Windsor Rd and Abbott Rd/M2. Walk north 500m on the cycle way until you see the crag soaring above the roadside weeds.

Decent: walk left or right of the top and then scamble down a short crack when progress is holted by the chain wire fence. If you get arrested, you didn't read about the crag here. </text><text id="12" class="indentedHeader">Moham Park - Northmead:
A few short problems hidden away in Moxham Park. Follow the bike trails until you reach a dank looking pool on the left (if you see stairs on the right you've gone several meters too far). Wall is up on the right hand side about 6 meters off the path and 2 meters up. Can also find this one if you go directly to Northmead quarry, turn around and bush bash for about 50 meters (you'll end up at the top)</text>