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<text id="2" class="heading1">Eastern Suburbs</text>
<text id="1" class="intro">The suburbs south of the harbour are a giant sprawling blanket of urban mayhem which rather dramatically ends at a precipice overlooking the ocean. Down below these cliff-top suburbs is a world of swirling seas, frightening sandy rock, sewerage and seepage, slime and suicide. Apparently it was all a joke that suddenly became popular. I'll put it down to boredom, ADHD, and rising fuel prices.

Where as most of the crags in this guide are pleasant while-away-the-afternoon-with-your-mates sort of stuff, climbing on the sea cliffs is a different kettle of fish (or shark, or whale). Access can be hideous, the seas tempestuous and the rock frightening. If you abseil in, make sure you have a retreat planned if you're in the wrong spot or things go to poop. Treat all fixed protection and natural protection with extreme cynicism. Anything placed more than a few year ago is rusted and useless, so climb the rebolted lines.

Most of the sea cliff routes get minimal traffic - and the waves and wind deposit a thin layer of sand. To make almost any route a nice experience you need to rap them first with a plastic brush and dust off the sand. It only takes a few minutes and the enjoyment factor increases ten-fold.</text><image id="3" width="400" src="eastern suburbs.png"/>

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