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<climb fa="Steve Turcsanyi (solo) 1988" grade="14" id="42" length="9m" name="Get Walking">Start as for GW but straight up.</climb>
<climb extra="X" grade="16" id="43" length="9m" name="Skulduggery">2m left of GW at cave. Up past manky BR crack then awkwardly over bulge. Easily to top.
</climb><climb id="103" name="Flash as a rat" grade="20" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="mikl">Start in corner 3m L of Skullduggery, up and right then up rounded buttress finishing on right. Reachy and rounded. There's an old bolt on it, so the obvious offwidth finish has probably been done</climb>
<climb extra="Þ " grade="20" id="44" length="11m" name="End of the Decade" stars="*" fa="Dave Humphries" number="">Start below traverse line, 3m left of S. Groovy move to start, then out traverse line and up arete. 2 FHs and optional cam on low angled headwall. Double BBs.
</climb><climb id="64" name="End of the Century" stars="*" grade="22" length="10m" extra="Þ" fa="Jason Lammers 2009" number="">A direct version of EOD past RBs to lower off. Good rock.
<climb fa="P. Farkas 1989" grade="19" id="46" length="9m" name="Buzz Boys Beat" extra="Þ">1m left of GC. Up bulgy blocks, use crack on left at one point, lower off around to left
</climb><climb id="104" name="Chicanery Crack" grade="14">Crack located just to the left of Buzz Boys Beat.
Shares anchors with Buzz Boys Beat</climb>
<climb extra="3Þ " fa="G. Quinn 1986" grade="16" id="47" length="8m" name="Zip" stars="*">4m left of BBB. Deceptive start, then up easy wall to lower-off</climb>
<climb extra="Þ " grade="17" id="48" length="10m" name="Unzip">1m left of Z under roof. Boulder right problem start under roof then up as for Z.
</climb><climb id="79" name="Marathon Man" fa="Jeff Crass" length="12m" grade="21" extra="Þ" stars="***">Start up Zip, then left along lip, left under roof and over bulges. Shortest pumpfest in the shire</climb>
<climb extra="Þ " fa="G. Quinn 1986" grade="18" id="49" length="5m" name="Billabong">5m left of U in middle of wall. Thin wall climbing past 1? BR.
<climb id="93" stars="*" name="Racy" length="10m" grade="16" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="Vanessa Peterson">Around arete 10m L of Ali. Start on right, either hard boulder or jump off block to jugs and
up R edge to lower off.</climb><climb id="94" stars="*" name="Facy" length="10m" grade="21" extra="Þ" fa="mikl">Left side of scoop.</climb><climb id="98" name="Slobbery Dog" fa="Peter Faill and Dave Humphries" length="8m" grade="15">Corner 12m left of Ali. A monument to Rupert, Peter Faill's black dog, who had a penchant for stealing climbers' lunches while they were on belay duty. If you have problems with the decent gullies, Rupert used to be able to run up and down them with ease.
Peter Faill and Dave Humphries</climb>
Peter Faill and Dave Humphries</climb><climb id="105" name="Starfish" grade="24" stars="***" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="mikl 2018">Start about 2m L of the corner (Slobbery Dog) and up then big move left. Lungey stuff.</climb>
<climb extra="X" grade="12" id="53" length="7m" name="Rockclimber's Waltz">Marked. Up offwidth and (loose looking!) blocks. Two variants at top.
</climb><image id="100" src="MagicSparkleTopo.jpg" width="500"/><climb id="95" stars="*" name="Magic Sparkle" length="10m" grade="10" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="Lexi Law 2017">The track goes under an overhang, this starts on the boulder. Up and wander up slab to funky final friction finish.</climb><image id="99" src="TheDrumTopo.jpg" width=""/><climb id="96" stars="**" name="Belly Bulge" length="10m" grade="21" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="mikl">Start on arete after walking under overhang, shared anchor with The Drum</climb><climb id="97" stars="**" name="The drum" length="10m" grade="16" extra="Þ&#9;" fa="Vanessa Peterson">Up this crack and past drummy hold</climb>