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<header intro="This is the obvious line of cliffs visible on the northern side of the Wakehurst Parkway, about 500m west of the Narrabeen Lakes Sport and Recreation Centre. The crag faces south and is quite shady until noon or so, so it's a really good spot in summer. Unfortunately the slabs also tend to seep quite badly (particularly during winter), so avoid them if there's been recent heavy rain. That being said, the rooves at the far end of the slabs are almost guaranteed to be dry, regardless of the weather. Many routes require natural gear for pro and / or belays. The descent for the main slab routes is at the left end, or rap off a suitable tree (ie. a tree bigger than your arm - don't do what some European visitors do and rap off dead shrubbery!)." name="Narrabeen Slabs" rock="" sun="Crag faces south. Seeps badly after rain, but there are some steep routes that stay dry." id="1" access="To find the crag, it's easiest to start at the Sport and Recreation Centre on the Wakehurst Parkway. From here, drive about 500m west until a large gravel area is visible on your right. Continue on for about 200m and park on the left in the next small gravel area with a small cutting. Opposite this is a locked gate that marks the start of the walking track. Follow the track in for about 150m until you find a large open area with a green exhaust stack. Turn right here, cross the creek bed then follow a single walking track that winds up the hill for about 50m to the left hand end of the crag. " history="It was originally used as an instructional area during the 1960s by John Davis and co. "/><text id="43">The id="58">The climbs are described left to right, facing the cliff.</text><text cliff.</text><climb id="56" name="Dunning Kruger Wall" grade="20" stars="*" fa="mikl 2018" extra="Þ&#9; ">Easy looking wall 10m L of where the track hits the cliff. Funky.</climb><climb id="57" name="A Spoonful of Sugar" grade="16" fa="Claire Fox 2018" extra="Þ&#9; ">Start up Dunning Kruger Wall and right to seam</climb><climb id="59" name="Stiction" grade="22" stars="**" extra="Þ" fa="mikl 2018">Cute boulder problem to start. Wall 4m R of where the track hits the cliff.</climb><climb id="60" name="Lindsay's easy warmup" stars="*" grade="20" extra="Þ" fa="Jeff Crass 2018">Easy looking line 6m R of where the track hits the cliff. 3 funky cruxes. Up and left.</climb><text id="44">The following route was an old abandoned project, complete with a rusty chain lower off and a couple of pre-drilled bolt holes. There is also a suspect pocket in the lower half of the route which is not the work of the first ascentionist!</text>
<climb extra="Þ" fa="Chris Yeomans 2005-06-17" grade="24" id="1" length="12m" name="Son of a Bad Man" stars="*">Start below obvious flake 2m left of H. Climb flake and wall via 4 RBs to double RB lower off.

<climb extra="Þ" grade="23" id="2" length="10m" name="Hampsters" stars="*" fa="Mikl Law 1980s">At far left hand end of slabs. A great and varied slab. 3 FHs 4 Ubolts to chain lower off.
<climb extra="Þ" fa="Chris Yeomans 2004-07-03" grade="22" id="3" length="14m" name="Some Girls Wander By Mistake" stars="*">Start as for K. After interesting start (crux), step left as for K then after the 2nd RB step left again. Straight up wall past 2 RBs via a large pocket on the left to double RB lower off (4 RBs in total to double RB lower off).
<climb extra="Þ" grade="18" id="14" length="12m" name="Technical Short Talk" stars="**" fa="Mikl Law 1980s">Marked. 2m right of seam. Up to BR, left across scoop (crux). Pleasant wall past 2 BRs to double RB lower off.
<climb extra="Þ" grade="18" id="15" length="12m" name="Kicks" fa="Mikl Law 1980s">1m right of TST. Up the wall past the hole then a delicate finish past the final bolt. Recently rebolted (or are those the bolts on T?). as Taranesque (20 cm right!). Originally graded 20, but a few people have suggested that it's a bit easier than that with fixed gear.
<climb extra="Þ" fa="Jeff Boyton 2001-11" grade="20" id="16" length="12m" name="Taranesque" stars="**">1m right of K. Delicate smear or desperate move past first BR. Straight up. 3 BRs to double RB lower off. There is some debate over whether this climb partially or fully overlaps K.
<climb fa="Craig Martin, John Davis 1982-11-14" grade="16" id="17" length="12m" name="Common Origin" stars="*">Marked. 1m right of T. Up slight ramp to hole (new BR). Wall (cams) then finish past BR. New double RB lower off.