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<header name="Trackside" id="1" intro="Small steep crag right next to the Old Illawara fire trail that heads down to the popular Needles swimming spot on the Woronora River. Not a whole lot of potential here but the rock quality is great and the access is super easy. The cliff gets afternoon sun but is short enough that trees give it dappled shade. If it gets all too hot continue down the fireroad to one of the best swimming spots in Sydney." access="5 minutes downhill walk. The crag is located directly below 81 Thomas Mitchel Drive, Barden Ridge but it is a bit of a scramble down and it's best not to alert the Trueman Show residents of our activities. So instead, park down the road at 83 Old Illawarra Rd, and walk into the bush on the major fireroad. At the first intersection take the left road that leads steeply left and downhill. Follow this for about 100m until a small cliff appears on the left hand side of the track. Look for orange overhang facing north and bolts. Scramble up 10m to base of crag" acknowledgement="Neil Monteith" sun="Morning shade" walk="5 minutes"/><image id="8" src="trackside_topo.png"/><climb id="3" name="Corner" length="5m" grade="7" fa="Some Shire kid with a can of spraypaint, 1992">Little layback corner. Can be used as a variant start to Kaching.</climb><climb id="4" stars="*" name="Kaching" length="10m" grade="20" extra="3Þ" fa="Neil Monteith, 2014">Kachoong in miniature. Wall just right of corner crack, then out roof flake and up juggy headwall to double RB lower-off.</climb><climb id="5" stars="*" name="The Craw" length="10m" grade="18" extra="3Þ" fa="Neil Monteith, 2014">Juggerlicious up high. Face just right of Kaching then right to steep juggy prow. Finish left along horizontal flake above roof to chain anchor. You can even topout if you wish.</climb><climb id="6" name="Disabled Olympics" stars="*" length="12m" grade="19" extra="4Þ" fa="Neil Monteith, 2014">The 'slab' on the right edge of the little wall. Two bolts to small ledge, then a tricky move to jugs and final mantle top-out. Lower-off anchors on wall well back.</climb>