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<header name="Lindfield" id="1" intro="Probably the most popular bouldering area in Sydney. To quote the previous guidebook &quot;every fart and ripple has been dynoed at and off!&quot; This 3m to 8m high crag offers problems with a variety of grades, mainly on vertical walls, but there are also some cracks and steeper sections about the place. Don't forget to check out the overhangs (beyond the isolated pinnacle in the same band of rock) as well as the Pipe Dreams Boulder, located about 50m down the hill below the overhangs." access="The crag is located behind the tennis courts on the corner of Tryon and Archbold Rds, Lindfield. Parking in the tennis courts themselves is limited, so you might find it easier to park out on Tryon Rd. To get to Lindfield from the Central train station you need to get a ticket to Hornsby on the North Shore Line. Some trains bypass Lindfield so check that the train you get on stops at Lindfield, seemed there, seems to be one every 20 mins or so. Get off at the Lindfield station and turn left at the overpass exit. The road running perpendicular to the track is Tryon St. Rd. Walk along Tryon for about 15 min, crossing one other road until you come to Archibold. Cross Archibold and 20m from the intersection turn onto a drive way to the tennis courts. Follow the track past the courts and you are at the boulders." history="" walk="5 minutes" sun="Various aspects" rock="Extensive bouldering"/><text id="2" class="intro">The crag has been described in numerous guidebooks, the most recent being Warwick Williams' 1998 Lindfield Rocks guidebook and the 2001 Sydney Bouldering guide. You can buy a copy of the Warwick Williams guidebook from the Sydney Rockclimbing Club - find the details on their website. Hassle Stu so he incorporates that guide here!</text><problem id="3" name="Lindfield Traverse" grade="V1" stars="**">Traverse the main courtyard, keeping your footsies off the sandy undercut footholds.</problem>