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Another popular bouldering area, accessed as for the Block but after following the fire trail down the hill for a few hundred metres, take the second track left (marked with a "Great North Walk" track marker) and continue down to the footbridges across the creek. Cross the creek then leave the track and walk upstream (right) on the rocky slabs for 20 metres or so to the lower wall. Another 40m upstream and slightly up the hill is the main area, up above is The Big Pump. Has been described as "West Lindfield" in the past.</text><text id="19" class="indentedHeader">Lane Cove River:
The Lane Cove River corridor offers a lot of fine bouldering, above and beyond the well known Big Pump and Block bouldering crags. Behind Mowbray Rd Athletics Field (near the corner of Epping Rd and Mowbray Rd) is a line of cliffs adjacent to the track. To find the track, walk through the athletics area and follow the track that leaves from just behind the shot-put area. There's also a nice wall with excellent rock adjacent to Riverside Drive, opposite the old boat shed. The problems are all hard.</text><text id="20" class="indentedHeader">H.D.Robb Reserve:
An undeveloped crag in H.D. Robb Reserve, Castle Cove. You'll find it lurking directly beneath No. 45 Neerim Rd (opposite Parnoo St). Best viewed from across the water at Killarney Heights (e.g. from Crumbly). To access this crag, you have a choice of the public right of way between No. 41 and No. 45 Neerim Rd, or bashing in from the west end of Willowie St. The right of way is 30m long and takes you to the top of the crag, but the owners of the house have done a good job hiding the right of way as part of their garden! Otherwise, starting from Willowie St, there is a public path down to the water. Follow this down the concrete stairs almost to the water then begin a long scrub-bash west and slightly uphill to the obvious wall.</text><image id="34" width="300" src="hdrobb.jpg"/><text id="32" class="indentedHeader">Headland Lookout:
See "Right of Way Crag".</text><image id="34" width="300" src="hdrobb.jpg"/><text id="32" class="indentedHeader">Headland Lookout:
An undeveloped crag in Castle Cove. This is the north facing snippet of orange tinged rock clearly visible to the south, west of the water, when driving across the Roseville bridge. Between number 43 and 49 Headland Rd there is a little reserve with a green electricity box. Park here. Wander 20m over to the fence, the crag is directly below. Hop the fence, drop down a few metres and walk left (west) for about 50 metres beneath No. 43 until a scrubby gully appears. Bush bash down and right (east) to the base of the crag. A machete will help. The crag is only about 40m wide, and a bit multi-tiered making most lines only about 8-10m. There is an open project by Will Monks, about grade 24. The sculptured arete at the right end of the crag, 1 BR and 2FH to chain.
</text><text id="24" class="indentedHeader">God's Country: