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<text id="8" class="heading1">Access Issues</text><text id="10" class="indentedHeader">Our behaviour at the cliffs will directly determine our continued access to them. All of the crags in this guide are located on crown land (i.e. some form of government bureaucracy manages it) and from time to time issues come up which can lead to climber's losing access. It is therefore essential that all climbers do their best to keep access open, so don't be the dickhead who wrecks it for everybody else.

Respect other people. When parking near houses, make sure there is plenty of space for local residents and their visitors to park, don't clog the street. Steer clear of private property on the way to the crag. Try to keep the noise down when you're at the crag, and leave the boom box at home.
All these things keeps other non-climbers happy, and if local residents don't mind climbers, then they won't complain to their local council, and local councils won't feel the need to prohibit climbing.

While climbing at crags in reserves and council-administered land is generally tolerated, the main issue in Sydney is access to crags that fall within National Parks. NPWS regulations (as of 2002) actually prohibit climbing without explicit permission, so unless the Park's plan of management makes an exception, you're not supposed to climb in a national park! This unwelcome ruling has now meant that climbers are now kept busy getting involving in every plan of management review for every national park where there is climbing. Join the SRC to help support efforts stay up to keep the cliffs open in NSW National Parks. date with access issues that affect climbing around Sydney.
<text id="3" class="indentedHeader">Sydney Harbour National Park: