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<header intro="A good little crag discovered and developed (along with many other crags in the Woronora River valley) by the SRC back in the 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately little information survives from this period, apart from the following route descriptions. The crag is often used by abseiling groups. The crag is located behind Engadine directly below the Wastelands area. " name="Heathcote Weir" rock="" sun="" id="1" access="Drive down Heathcote Rd and you'll see the crag from the bridge just to the north. There are no stopping signs everywhere near the bridge so you'll have to park 300m to the east on Heathcote Rd."/>
<climb fa="SRC 1950s" grade="11" id="1" length="25m" name="A" stars="*">Start below the obvious cave. Chimney up the cave to emerge at half height. Continue up the wall above.