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<header intro="Small but well-featured bouldering with excellent sub-V5 problems in peaceful bush land. Rock is heavily featured with routes mostly involving long moves between slopers or jugs. Nice flat landing and clean topouts mean that no mat is required. A major cleanup of trash was done here - so if you see any rubbish left by others please take it out with you." name="The School" rock="Bouldering" sun="Crag faces west" id="1" access="It's located just behind the Yamaha Music School off Sutherland Road, at the western end of Louise St, Janalli. Walk in their entrance gate and take a small track on the right just before the first building. Hook around behind these buildings and follow small track away from main road through bush along fence line until track takes an obvious downhill step. The bouldering is visible from here on left about 50m away."/><image id="2" src="2356.jpg"/><image id="3" src="2355.jpg"/>