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<header intro="A pleasant little bouldering area offering a good number of problems on rough, unusual rock. Most problems are vertical walls or aretes, in the V0-V3 range. Many problems are marked but nobody has submitted any grades yet. Bring insect repellant." name="Old Bush Road" rock="Bouldering" sun="Afternoon sun" id="1" access="From northern end of Old Bush Rd in Yarrawarrah, head along the ridge and drop down left (west). Continue down past the blank wall with old graffiti, and hopefully you will find a series of west-facing walls with marked problems. There might be other problems around the general area." history="Discovered by Shae Constantine in the early 1990s." walk="5 minutes"/><text id="3">Problems are described right to left.</text><problem id="2" name="OP">The featured easy wall.</problem><problem id="4" name="N">Right of arete.</problem><problem id="5" name="CP">Left of arete.</problem><text id="6">Moving along to the next wall.</text><problem id="7" name="MNT">Up face.</problem><problem id="8" name="Up Arrow">Squished in left of MNT.</problem><problem id="9" name="AB">Start at pocket left of Up Arrow.</problem><problem id="10" name="HMR">Left-most problem of the four.</problem><text id="11">Moving left to the next wall.</text><problem id="12" name="MC">The distinctive undercut recessed orange feature.</problem><problem id="13" name="L">1m left of MC.</problem><image id="47" src="greensnakewall.jpg" width="400" legend="true" legendTitle="Green Snake Wall"><legend>14</legend><legend>15</legend></image><problem id="14" name="GH">Under orange wide chimney.</problem><problem id="15" name="G">Just left of GH, up the arete. Say hello to Mr Green Tree Python!</problem><problem id="16" name="NR">Below chimney.</problem><problem id="17" name="L2">1m left of NR.</problem><problem id="18" name="LHL">Arete left of L.</problem><text id="19">Next wall.</text><climb id="20" name="ST">Wall left of squeeze chimney.</climb><problem id="21" name="ABM">Undercut arete 2m left of ST.</problem><problem id="22" name="A">5m left of ABM.</problem><problem id="23" name="SS">Clean arete left of A.</problem><problem id="24" name="J">Next route left after the scramble.</problem><problem id="25" name="O">Just right of the gap.</problem><text id="26">The next few problems are on the west side of the block.</text><problem id="27" name="B">Right arete of block.</problem><problem id="28" name="BBB">Left of B, at hole. Up past bulge.</problem><problem id="29" name="TT">Rounded arete at left end of block.</problem><text id="30">The courtyard behind the block has a distinctive offwidth crack.</text><problem id="31" name="WA">The fist crack or the wall to the right.</problem><problem id="32" name="HB">Wall 0.5m left of crack.</problem><problem id="33" name="B2">1m left again.</problem><problem id="34" name="D">1m left again! Squeeze them in!</problem><text id="35">Continue past the rampy corner.</text><problem id="36" name="R">Left of ramp.</problem><problem id="37" name="TM">1m left of R.</problem><problem id="38" name="T">1m left of TM.</problem><problem id="39" name="B3">1m left of T.</problem><problem id="40" name="BS">1m left of B.</problem><problem id="41" name="FB">1m left of BS.</problem><problem id="42" name="S">1m left of FB.</problem><problem id="43" name="NN">Easy wall 1m left of S.</problem><problem id="44" name="FF">In alcove beneath bulging roof, 2m left of NN.</problem><text id="46">There are probably some more marked problems and plenty of unmarked problems to do!</text>