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<header intro="A generally slabby and unfashionable cliff with a fair selection of mid to hard grade routes. Many of these routes were heavily chipped in the heady days of the 80s. Most routes are now covered in dirt and lichen and the bolts are of very questionable quality. The crag is right on the road. Zero access you say - yippee! However, in these days of litigation concerns by land managers, I suggest we relegate this crag to the history section and go climb somewhere else!" name="Lugarno" rock="Sandstone Climbing" sun="" id="1" access="To get to the crag, drive south down Forest Rd, Lugarno, and stop about 200m from its end. The cliff is located on the right hand side of the road (watch out for cars). Climbs described right to left, facing the cliff." acknowledgement=""/><image id="15" src="2363.jpg" width="800"/>
<climb extra="Þ " grade="24" id="1" length="12m" name="Giles" stars="**">Start below the right hand arete of the main wall. "A prominent nose, a bit thin on top." Up passing 3 BRs.