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<climb extra="Þ" fa="David Barnes 1990-07" grade="22" id="62" length="8m" name="Check Out the Chicken" stars="**">One of the best here, and a good 'warm-up' for the harder routes. 2m left of RWaV below flake. Three RBs and FH to chain lower off on left. Used to be 20 until the fern grew out of the hole at the top. The new crimpy face moves out left make the route even better!
</climb><climb id="94" name="Billy McDougall" length="9m" grade="22" stars="**" fa="Bundy?">As for for BE, but pike out of last direct move and move right and clip the last bolt on COtC and up to anchors. </climb>
<climb fa="David Barnes 1990-07" grade="23" id="63" length="8m" name="Billy's England" stars="**" extra="Þ ">Classic climbing with new bolts. 2m left of COtC. Balancy start leads to reachy moves up to break. Up to big reach move, then right to chain lower off shared with COtC. 3 RBs.</climb><image id="101" src="Billy England.jpg" width="600" legend="true" legendTitle="So that's why they call it Rainbow Wall. The Teacher enjoying a late afternoon lap on Billys England"/>
<climb extra="Þ" fa="Ben Pearce 1994" grade="24" id="64" length="8m" name="Hip and Hunky Rhythm" stars="**">2m left of BE. 3 FHs to chain lower off.