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<header intro="Rocky Point (also called Wyargine Point or The Island) separates Edwards Beach from Balmoral Beach in Mosman. There are problems to be found on all sides of the point, although the best rock and problems are found on the northern side. The rock has been described as &quot;Sandystone&quot;. Landings include sand, rock, picknickers and broken glass." name="Rocky Point" rock="Sandstone Bouldering on the beach" sun="Various sun and shade options exist" id="1" access="Find your way to Balmoral Beach - its the obvious rocky promontory in the middle. There is paid parking for your Merc or Beemer on the Esplanade, or free parking for cheapskates 50m back up Awaba St." acknowledgement="Problem descriptions from Will Monks"/><text id="8" class="heading3">The Bridge</text><problem id="2" name="Rightside Lip Traverse" stars="*" grade="V0">Start a few metres left of the concrete bridge, once your bum isn't going to scrape the ground.
Heelhook traverse leftwards along the lip for about 15 metres, noting the ground dropping to about 3m below, and one obvious rock not to land on. A fun pump for both arms, your right hamstring and your left tibialis anterior!</problem><text id="7">There are a few short up-problems underneath the long lip traverse. There's also some good slopers on the lip for static hang problems.</text><problem id="3" name="Middle Cave Traverse" grade="V1">About 40m L of the bridge is a sandy little cave, about 3m high and 10m wide.
Traverse the cave from R to L, only using holds in the roof beneath the lip. Yes, this is a bit contrived and you could also traverse using holds above the lip but its boring jugging, they'd often snap, and you'd want a mat. </problem><text id="6" class="heading3">The Left Cave</text><text id="5">Probably the most "impressive" bit of rock in this vicinity. The roof flakes look (and are) very sandy ... but are hefty enough to seem quite solid. A quick brush and they seem fine. There is a good looking problem linking the flakes from left to right along the 8m roof, then finishing up the 4-5m headwall ... all it needs is someone with a brush, mat(s), spotter(s) and strong shoulders.</text><problem id="4" name="Flake to Wafer" grade="V3" stars="*">Start at the bottom left of the Left Cave.