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<header intro="North Head is the hulking headland guarding the northern side of the entrance to Sydney Harbour. Obvious to anyone who's ever sailed in or out through the heads, it's a particularly inspiring line of cliffs. Unfortunately it's also part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, which currently has a ban on climbing. Climbers have been caught and fined for ignoring the ban, and there are also stories circulating of climbers having their equipment confiscated or being locked up overnight. The Fear and The Bolt Ladder are quite hidden now (the lookout has been moved) so if you toss your gear in a apck you won't be recognised as a climber." " name="North Head" rock="Sea cliffs" sun="Crag faces east and south " id="1" access="To get to the crag, drive to Manly and follow the signs out to North Head. Park in the carpark (take spare change for the ticket machines), and head south to the lookout that faces the city. The Fear and The Bolt Ladder both top out about 20m east of here (the belay bolt visible just over the fence is for the Fear). The decent is down the fearsome fisherman's ladders about 40m further east again, for The Bolt Ladder and The Fear, stop 20m above the ground and walk back left."/><image id="52" src="north_head.png"/>
<text class="heading3" id="1">Western Section