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<text class="heading1" id="1">Lets Talk About Bolts</text><text id="1">Bolts in Sydney Sandstone</text><text id="13" class="heading3">Carrot Bolts</text>

<text class="intro" id="2">The original bolt used in Australia was a filed-down machine bolt hammered into an undersized hole. These bolts are referred to as 'carrots' as the prepared bolt resembles Bugs Bunny's favourite snack. </text><text id="20" class="intro">You bring your own bolt plate which slips over the bolt before clipping a quickdraw. You can purchase bolt plates from any outdoor gear store in Australia that sells climbing gear. Note that a bolt plate has a small hole and a larger hole, it is essential that the small hole goes over the bolt shaft and you clip your carabiner into the larger hole. Done the other way around it usually comes off as soon as you hit the crux. Also, you should also only use FAT carabiners, as skinny carabiners like the Petzl Spirit or ANY WIRE GATE carabiner are liable to detach themselves if shaken about.