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Revesby Rocks


A pleasent suburban bush walk skirts the base of a small, broken cliff line which is climbable from time to time. A crag reflecting the local area; it isn’t the best around but it’s handy, varied and nice enough. There's currently over 25 problems. The highlights at this stage are Almost a V8 Holden (v6), Sky Bar (v6) and The FJ Holden (v4).


Located on The River Rd Revesby. 1) Park on the side of the road about 70m south of Prince st and find the beginning of the bush walk on the western side of the road (near a rust-red telegraph pole). Follow this up hill till it intersects a path running across the bottom of a rock band. Turn L. The punch bug area is about 70m after this intersection and the Worker’s Club area about 100m. The FJ Holden area is about another 50m past the Worker’s Club and is obvious. OR 2) Park just outside Bill Delauney Reserve (on The River Rd). Cross the road and take the decent path straight up the hill till it meets the main track. The Worker’s Club area is straight up from where the paths meet.

For more info on the crag, see

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