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Contributions and new route info

The SRC welcomes contributions from anybody who has content to add to one of the guides here. You can send your stuff to, and we'll add it to the site. If you know an area well and want to lend a hand, we can give you access to update the content yourself. You need to sign up for an account (click Signup in the top right hand corner). Then email requesting update access.

Adding new routes yourself

Simply go to the crag you want to update, then click "Edit this Guide". Scroll down to where your new climb fits in the guide and choose "climb" from the appropriate <select> and press Insert. Fill out the fields and press Save when done.

If the route is a sport route, cut and paste the "Þ" symbol into the Extra field. Your route will now appear in the crag summary chart as a sport climb.

If the route has bad bolts or loose rock, put an "X" in the Extra field. A skull and crossbones symbol will replace this soon.

If you intend to add many routes, please consult the original thesarvo style guide.

Uploading images

You can also add photos and topos. First attach your image to the page first using Tools -> Attachments. Then choose "image" from the <select> and insert. When inserting an image select an appropriate width for display on the screen. The PDF generator uses the full resolution but resizes on the page to fit a column or full page. You can optionally flag an image not to appear in the printed guide.

For images that will be printed in the guide, we require 300 dpi.

  • A5 full page (portrait)
    1748w x 2480h pixels
  • A5 Half page (landscape)
    1748w x 1240h pixels
  • A5 quarter page (portrait)
    874w x 1240h pixels

Quarter size is the absolute bare minimum for all photos and diagrams.

Submit a JPG file format for photos and photo-topos. Use the PNG file format for line drawings. Keep a copy of all your images in the original format in case the submitted image file has insufficient detail for the print edition and we need to generate it again. Use an SVG-style image editor such as Inkscape or Illustrator to add lines to your photo topos. Use a image editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop to scale and clean up your images.

I've written a short tutorial on how to make topos.


Updating other content

The various other pages that make up the guides are updated differently. For these pages you click "Edit" on the right and you will bring up the editing tabs. The Wikimarkup is a notation system which will take a few minutes to learn but is pretty easy to pick up. Note however that these pages aren't in the printed guidebooks.

New crags

When adding a new crag to the Sydney guidebook, you need to:

  • Add a new child page to the region (e.g. North Shore)
  • Use the guide template (make sure your default editing is WikiMarkup or it borks)
  • Add detailed crag access notes including public transport options
  • Add your crag to the map

Hey, what about a guide for such-and-such a place?

If you have a new guidebook in mind, contact us and we can discuss whats involved in putting one together.

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