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Cremorne - Brightmore Reserve


A small crag with almost 15 problems mostly on freestanding boulders. At the base of a small, bracken fern covered hill is a great freestanding boulder with just a few good slopey problems. Up the hill is a short but decent cliff line with a few good problems, projects and one or two great problems. The rock ranges from good to decent and will improve with traffic.


Park in allocated parking spot (Primrose Park is easier to find, but Brightmore is on the other side of the road). Walk towards the back of the park, as far from the road as you can get, where stairs go up a steep hill. Just before the stairs is a great boulder on the left (Cair Paravel Boulder), not far off the grass. Cliff line is behind it up the hill. There's also another cliff (Calormen) on the other side of the valley up the steep hill.

More information on problems see

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