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Nestled around a picturesque harbour, Australia's largest city is littered with hundreds of neat little sandstone cliffs providing pleasant single-pitch climbing and much bouldering. Sydney's famous beaches are punctuated with tottering sea cliffs, offering adventurous climbing right beneath suburbia!

Blue Mountains

A stunning mountain range tucked behind Sydney, with massive cliff-rimmed valleys and escarpments providing quality, mostly accessible sandstone climbing.

Southern Highlands

South and inland from Sydney, this region boasts numerous largely undeveloped sandstone escarpments, but a few crags are emerging from under the forest cloak yielding quality climbing. This is also home to Bungonia Gorge, a deep valley with limestone cliffs.

South Coast

Home of Nowra, Australia's first sport climbing destination, and Point Perpendicular, a spectacular crag situated high above the deep blue sea.

Central Coast & Newcastle

Sydney sprawls northwards along the coast all the way to Newcastle. More sandstone and sea cliffs to play on.

North Coast

There are plenty of active climbers around the Coffs Harbour area, and climbing opportunities are here and there all the way towards Queensland.

New England Tablelands

A mountainous granite region with plenty to climb.


Beyond the coastal mountains lie vast expanses of flat, dry plains, mostly cleared for agriculture. The further west you go, the more remote, flatter, drier it all is. Two areas are of key interest to climbers, the volcanic peaks of The Warrumbungles and Mt. Kaputar.

Australian Capital Territory

This little geopolitical pocket is more well known for museums, art galleries and government beauracracies, but the alpine meadows and rocky ridges tucked in there contains quite a varied collection of interesting granite climbing areas.

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